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New: # and b are used for microtones

- microtonal Notation -

Diatonic and chromatic music is notated in Chronota without accidentals:

chromatc with Chronota
from: Presantation (Chronota Edition)
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This means that the accidentals # and b can be given a new function in Chronota: Microtones. A square note head with an accidentals automaticly means quarter tones in Chronota:

Chronota quartertone scale upwards and downwards
from: presentation (Chronota edition)
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Sixth-tone scales can also be notated in Chronota using the accidentals # an b - without the special symbols previously used. Further details on this subject. can be found in the booklet "Presentation" (see Chronota Edition). A seperate booklet for the specialist area of microtones will be published at a later date.


Microtonal correlations and scales can be very easily notated in Chronota, without having to resort to special symbols. Thus, Chronota can be used to notate music from other cultures.