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Sheet music: new and used

for oboe and other instruments


Welcome to our sheet music page!


For an overview of our offe, some information in advance:

1. The offered sheet music are sold privately. No sale tax is shown.

2. The offer is subject to earlier sale and availability.

3. All information has been compiled to the best knowledge and belief.

4. Please send us your orders with the following information:

a) item no.  b) composer  c) title of work  d) name and adress

 ...simply copy the first three fields of the desired grades into the order from (see under the lists in the German part of and send it off...

 You will then receive an email confirmation of the order with an invoice the items available.

7. After transfer of the invoice amount (international: pay pal), the goods will be sent.

8. Shipping costs

- Germany: max. € 2.50 per order

- international: max. € 5.00 per order

- from an order value of € 50.00 shipping is free.

1st table row: Description:
Art-Nr. Article no.
Komponist Composer, arranger
NP- approx. x% cheeper than the usual new price
Preis selling price
Bemerkungen Comments Notes to the article
- Mängelexemplar - Defective copy: stamp imprint, but good condition
- Einzeichnungen - Drawings: mostly with pencil, possibly erased
- Namen - Names: contain names or stamps from the previous owner
- geblichen - bleached: color changes due to solar radiation 
- Knicke - kinks: bumped corners and edges
u.a.  i.a.

You can find the lists here in the german part of the website.


Your details for the order:

1. Item no.                (column 1/table)

2. Composer             (column 2/table)

3. Work designation  (column 3/table)

4. Name and adress


...simply the first three fields of the desired Copy grades into the mail and send.


Thank for interest!


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